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4 Bamboo Bath Mitts

$ 19.00
4 Bamboo Bath Mitts Bamboo Bath Linens 1 bundle / Royal Indigo - SHOO-FOO, the softness of bamboo

4 Bamboo Bath Mitts

$ 19.00

European Style Bath Mitts

Many people, specially of European background, prefer to use a bath mitt instead of a washcloth and these are not easy to find in North America! If you are a bath mitt lover, try this bamboo bath mitt, you’ll love its softness on your skin.

European style bamboo bath mitts make a great soft loofah for a daily, gentle body scrub cleansing that won't over exfoliate your skin. Moms love it for babies and children!

The pocket design of this soft towel is wide enough to cover a hand or simply to insert a bar of soap for continual suds while showering or bathing.

Material Composition:

100% bamboo lyocell from organically grown bamboo

size: 15 x 20 cm (6 x 8 in)