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.Bamboo Bed Sheets Set - All Natural No dye No bleach!

100% Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets

.Bamboo Bed Sheets Set - All Natural No dye No bleach!


All Natural: Bamboo in its pure original colour

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Our Bamboo Bed Sheets Set - All Natural No Dye No Bleach is exceptionally soft and perfect for those with delicate skin or who want to experience the full natural benefits of bamboo. Some people like bamboo sheets because this renewable resource grows faster than others and with less water. It's one of the most environmentally-friendly fabrics in the world when compared to cotton and other fabrics.

Others like bamboo because of its natural benefits, especially for those with compromised immune systems or those who are allergic or react to other fabrics and dyes. We've decided to offer options of bed sheets with minimal processing. For the making of our bamboo sheets All Natural, we don't use any dyes or bleach. We instead allow bamboo to do the talking.

Some people can't imagine having sheets that aren't their favourite colours. From blue and red to green and purple, bed sheets come in many different colours. White is another common option, though white is typically achieved by bleaching the fabric and removing all natural colours from the fabric. While natural white sheets might sound boring to some, to others this is a type of freedom from pain and irritation.

As a matter of fact, dyeing fabrics is so popular that finding undyed fabric can be impossible unless you know where to look. These dyes can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, and numerous other problems for those who are sensitive to them. Our All Natural bed sheets are free of these and other dangerous chemicals. You can get a restful sleep for once without itching and scratching.

All about Shoo-Foo Bamboo Bed Sheets

  • Shoo-Foo feels like silky cashmere against the skin, providing you with an alluring softness that promotes a restful night’s sleep
  • Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, which is great for those who get skin irritations. This will help you with your allergies and will ensure you rest easy tonight.
  • Bamboo is also sturdy, so we can easily create a 100% organic sheet set that's free of pesticides and other chemicals. This reduces your overall exposure to chemicals, something that more people should worry about.
  • Bamboo is also breathable and thermoregulating. This will keep you cool during summer and warm during winter. If you are prone to feeling too hot or cold, then you might need to switch to a bamboo bed sheets set to feel comfortable at night

Material composition:

  • 100% bamboo rayon from Organic Bamboo
  • No dye, No bleach
  • 300 TC
  • twill weave for more sturdiness

King size:

  • fitted sheet: 198 x 203 + 42 cm (78 x 80 + 18 in.)
  • flat sheet: 279 x 289 cm (110 x 114 in.)
  • pillow cases: 53 x 101 + 10 cm (21 x 40 + 4 in.)

Queen size:

  • fitted sheet: 152 x 203 cm + 42 cm pocket (60 x 80 + 18 in. pocket)
  • flat sheet: 266 x 279 cm (105 x 110 in.)
  • pillow cases: 53 x 81 + 10 cm (21 x 32 + 4 in.)
Full size:
  • fitted sheet: 137 x 190 + 42 cm (54 x 75 + 18 in.)
  • flat sheet: 220 x 261 cm (87 x 103 in.)
  • pillow cases: 53 x 76 + 10 cm (21 x 30 + 4 in.)
Twin size:
  • fitted sheet: 99 x 190 + 42 cm (39 x 75 + 16 in.)
  • flat sheet: 183 x 246 cm (72 x 97 in.)
  • pillow cases: 53 x 76+ 10 cm (21 x 30 + 4 in.)

CARING: Be sure to wash our bamboo sheets in cold water without any chlorine bleach or fabric softener. You can tumble dry at regular cycle or hang to dry (which is preferable). Bamboo sheets tend to get softer and more comfortable after washes, but only if you follow the instructions.