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Bamboo Bathroom Mat (1000 gsm)

$ 42.00
Bamboo Bathroom Mat (1000 gsm) Bamboo Bath Linens Royal Indigo / 1 bath mat - SHOO-FOO, the softness of bamboo

Bamboo Bathroom Mat (1000 gsm)

$ 42.00

Bamboo softness under the feet!

This product is available only in Canada !

After bathing or showering, literally stand on the softness of a bamboo bath mat. Now clean and warm, your feet will appreciate the softness and absorbency of bamboo linens; a much better feeling than the coolness of tiles.

Keep bathroom floors dry with a bamboo bathroom mat designed with a heavier weave of bamboo fiber threads, made completely of organically grown bamboo. While our other bamboo towels are made at 600 gsm, the bath mat comes at 1000 gsm, making it perfectly durable for floors and extra absorbent for wet feet and accidental puddles from splashing bubble baths!

Better yet, because this European-style bamboo bath mat comes without a grip pad and isn't carpet-thick, it can be easily cleaned in the washing machine on a regular basis with your other towels (using our care instructions for longevity of course!).

Material Composition:

100% bamboo lyocell from organically grown bamboo at a density of 1000 gsm

size: 60 x 75 cm (24 x 30 in)