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Bamboo Charcoal Bath Towels Bundle - Pack of 2

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Bamboo Charcoal Bath Towels Bundle - Pack of 2


Bamboo Charcoal Bath Towels back by popular demand!

This product is currently available for delivery in USA only.

Bamboo charcoal is not a colour! What is bamboo charcoal?

Bamboo Charcoal Bath Towels made from bamboo charcoal blended into bamboo cellulose. Their sober and elegant dark colour comes from the natural color of the charcoal from bamboo. No dye was used in this product.

Bamboo charcoal is made by heating bamboo stalks at high temperature. Once the bamboo has been turned into charcoal it is processed into a very fine powder which can be blended with other fibers to create a textile with unique properties. In most cases, it is blended with polyester. But at Shoo-Foo, we blend it with organic bamboo cellulose and spin the blend into a bamboo charcoal yarn that we use to create our new line of towels and bed linens.

The result is a luxurious fabric with the softness, absorbency and hypoallergenic properties of bamboo made fabric coupled with the purifying qualities of bamboo charcoal.

  • THICK & ULTRA SOFT: luxurious 600 GSM weave.
  • DURABLE: woven at the optimum weight of 600 GSM for luxurious weight and durability.
  • NATURAL COLOUR - NO DYE: the charcoal grey colour of these towels comes from the natural pigment of charcoal bamboo blended with bamboo fiber, no dye. Perfect for sensitive skin,
  • FRESH & HEALTHY: Bamboo fabric is known for being mildew resistant and hypoallergenic. Blended with charcoal from bamboo make it even more hygienic.

Material Composition:

  • 100% lyocell from organic bamboo + bamboo charcoal


  • each bundle includes: 2 Bath Towels; each sized as 76 x 123 cm (30 x 60 in)