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Toxin-Free Bathroom

Bath towels, washcloths and shower curtains are the basic staple of any bathroom. If you are on a journey to a healthier bathroom, finding natural, organic, toxin-free options for these basic products are a good start.

Bamboo bath linens:

Soft, luxurious, highly absorbent, staying fresh longer are all exceptional qualities of bamboo bath linens. In order to get the best out of bamboo, we decided to create our own bamboo bath collection with organic bamboo fibers at 100%. We don’t blend bamboo fibers with cotton, polyester, microfiber or anything else.

Hemp or Flax Linen Shower curtain:

In regards to shower curtain, the first and easy step to take is to get rid of any plastic, petroleum-based or other PVC-based material. Try hemp or flax linen fabric shower curtains. Hemp and flax are experiencing a revival these days and there a good reasons for that.

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