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Bamboo Throw Blanket - Soft & Cozy

Bamboo Throw Blanket - Soft & Cozy

Bamboo Throw Blanket - Soft & Cozy



Grab yours or get one for a loved ones!

Cuddle up with a Shoo-Foo bamboo throw blanket and enjoy elegant softness wherever you are

Wrap your whole family in our organic, dye-free bamboo blanket and keep warm everywhere life takes you. About the width and length of a double bed, the Shoo-Foo bamboo throw is made of sustainably sourced viscose from organic bamboo (76%), organic cotton (19%), and pure silk (6%), making it soft and gentle on everyone’s skin. Fleece throws attract static, lint, and fly-away hairs over time but Shoo-Foo fibres stays relaxed and immaculate for a continued breathable softness that can only come from nature. Makes a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift for your home or someone else’s.

From our forests to our crops, Shoo-Foo is sustainably sourced and made from the highest quality organic bamboo fibres available.

All about Shoo-Foo Bamboo Throw Blanket

  • Size: 60 x 84 in.
  • Packable, portable silkiness for those summer adventures away or rainy-day-in movie marathons
  • Organic and free from hash chemicals and pesticides, making it gentle and safe on all skin types
  • Available in a natural, free-from-dyes colour elegant for any décor
  • 100% sustainably sourced from forests to crop

This bamboo throw blanket fits the surface of a double bed just perfectly, but is slightly smaller than a regular "double" size blanket. Most people use it as a throw for the couch. And kids love it! Available in a natural colour, free of dyes, for a look that will suit any room style!

Material: 76% viscose from organically grown bamboo 19% organic cotton 5% silk

Care Recommendation for Bamboo Throw: Machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle. Do not bleach, do not use fabric softener. Hang to dry for more softness or tumble dry at low temperature. The smooth texture of the blanket might become felted if you put it in the dryer. Low iron with a damp cloth if desired. If you wish to keep your blanket perfectly smooth, we recommend dry cleaning.