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Bundle of 4 Bamboo Face Towels (washcloths)

$ 20.00
Bundle of 4 Bamboo Face Towels (washcloths) Bamboo Bath Linens sage green / 1 bundle - SHOO-FOO, the softness of bamboo

Bundle of 4 Bamboo Face Towels (washcloths)

$ 20.00

Bundle of Softness!

If you are new to bamboo bath linens, this bundle of 4 bamboo face towels (washcloths) is a good starter. Experiment the softness and high absorbency of a bamboo washcloth on your skin, you might get addicted! Available in various colours including cayenne red, sage green, latte brown, natural bamboo (no dye).

Washing off makeup after a long day's work is only complete when you've got a bamboo face towel to gently pat off your clean pores and fresh glowing skin! This towel is great as a cosmetic towel or simply for what it is appropriately named - a face towel!

Material Composition:

100% bamboo lyocell from organically grown bamboo at a weight of 600 GSM

Size: each face towel measures 28 x 33 cm (11 x 13 in).

This bundle includes 4 Bamboo Face Towels (washcloths)