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Yoga & Meditation

This collection is for our yogi friends!

You have been asking for natural organic accessories to support your mindful yoga practice. We are more than happy to create this small yet authentically natural and healthy Yoga collection for you.

We started by the mat! We wanted something that will bring all yogis natural healthy comfort in a safe no slippery material. We chose 2 options: a Cork Yoga Mat and a Recycled Rubber Yoga Mat

Then we look at the seatings! Since our Kapok pillows are so popular, we decided to look for Kapok Zafus. Light, totally plant-based and chemical-free; we love the Kapok zafus.

Buckwheat zafus and zabutons (meditation cushions) filled with your choice of buckwheat, organic cotton or wool complete this collection that we hope, you will enjoy.