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Natural Organic Shredded Lamb Wool Bed Pillows - "Woolly Down"

Natural Organic Shredded Lamb Wool Bed Pillows - "Woolly Down"

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If you never slept with a shredded wool-filled pillow, you just don't know how comfy it is!

The shredded woolly “down” pillows are made with Northeast Eco-Wool sources from local farmers on the east coast of USA. This means the wool is sourced in the USA and supports small sheep farmers in the Northeast area.

The pillows are very malleable. Shape it, hug it, even un-stuff it a little if you’d like. Thay are designed to support you the way you’d like to be supported. Filled with tiny wool puffs similar to down feathers, you can move the filling around to be any shape you desire.

The wool puffs have more substance than down and can take a shape and hold it. Shredded wool pillows won’t compress as much as regular wool batting pillows tend to do, plus it is easier to wash and care for. Designed with a zippered cover for added versatility, you can easily add more puffs or take some out if it is too thick.

  • NATURAL: filled with 100% pure virgin wool sourced in USA all wrapped with an organic cotton sateen fabric pillow case
  • SOFT, BREATHABLE, COMFY: besides being soft, wool is a highly breathable filling material. It helps maintain your body temperature with no sweat!
  • NON-ALLERGEN: wool resists bacteria and dust mites. Wool is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. And good news for us, dust mites can't live in wool due to microscopic bristles on the wool fibers.
  • SUSTAINABLE: wool is a renewable resource. Sheep grow a coat of wool annually and is not harmed during shearing (it’s like getting a haircut).
  • KEEP ITS SHAPE: Shredded wool pillows will not compress and the thickness is always adjustable (just add or remove handful of wool puffs).

PLEASE NOTE: due to the bulky nature of this product, a flat shipping fee will be added to your invoice at checkout. 

Product Specifications

  •  Filled with 100% Premium Eco-Wool puffs
  • Organic cotton zippered (nylon zipper) cover
  • Dimensions & Wool Weights:
    • Standard (or Child) 20 x 24 in. - 850-935 gr. (30-33 oz.)
    • Queen 20 x 29 in. - 1020-1105 gr. (36-39 oz.)
    • King 20 x 35 in, - 1190-1275 gr. (42-45 oz.)

    This is a medium-filled pillow. If you like a thicker pillow, you can purchase extra puffs of wool in bag of 85 gr. (3 oz). Simply unzip & and add it in.

    NOTE: please note that this product requires extra handling time at the workshop before shipping. Please expect a delivery time of approx 10-12 days.


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