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Besides doing our best to make good quality products which are sustainable and soft on the planet, we are also engaged in keeping forests around the world alive. As a social entrepreneur, we decided to support tree planting and re-forestation initiatives.

We have committed to donate 1% of our sales to tree planting projects of importance.

Social entrepreneurship is the use of start-up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.


Discover few of our Planting Trees Partners


JOUR DE LA TERRE is a charitable organization whose mission is to help people and organizations reduce their impact on the environment. Demain la forêt is an initiative presented by the Cowboys Fringants  Foundation, operated by Jour de la Terre, in collaboration with the David Suzuki Foundation and La Tribu. This program, involving many communities and artists, is developing a tree-planting approach based on science throughout Quebec in order to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

TREE CANADA is a registered charity proudly dedicated to planting and nurturing trees. Their National Greening Program is a mass seedling planting program across Canada targeting areas where there is a need for reforestation or afforestation due to human activity or other causes.


 NATIONAL FOREST FOUNDATION is Chartered by Congress as the nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service. Their mission is to bring people together to restore and enhance National Forests and Grasslands of the United States of America and to promote the health and public enjoyment of the whole National Forest System.


TREES FOR THE FUTURE is an American incorporated public charity working to end hunger and poverty for small holder farmers through revitalizing degraded lands. Their Forest Garden Program is a simple, replicable and scalable approach with proven success. By planting specific types of fast-growing trees, fruit trees, hardwoods and food crops in a systematic manner over a four year period, families can positively change their lives forever.