Green Friday

Black Friday is around the corner. Cyber Monday will follow. And we won’t be having a special huge sale for those days. Not last year. Not this year. Not next year.

Let's call it Green Giving Week

We don't encourage over-consumption, but it comes a time where we need to refresh our duvet or we wish to treat a loved ones to the softness of bamboo sheets or healthy eco bedding. If that is the case for you today,

we invite you to use code GREEN20 at checkout and Save 20% sitewide.

As a token of appreciation for your support over the years, we are pleased to offer you 20% discount on all products available on our website for a period of 10 days (starting now and until Dec 3rd) with code GREEN20.

...sadly, we are not able to promise that you will receive your items on time for Christmas though (because of the crazy Black Friday shipping rush going on everywhere!)

But no worries, there is no expiration date on our products! You can enjoy them all year long! So if you are ready to refresh your duvet comforter or wish to treat a loved ones to the softness of bamboo sheets (or anything else), go ahead.

Oh! and as a little extra, we will plant 5 trees on your behalf !

Good quality products, well priced, all year long.

At Shoo-Foo, we offer healthy good quality eco sustainable bath and bed linens at affordable prices all year around. Our mission is to help reduce toxins in the environment and make everyone’s home safe and comfy by providing alternatives to regular cotton, microfiber, and other synthetic fabric.

We are doing all we can to make these products available to most people, most of the time, not only when "on sale". Because we believe that when more people make the shift to non-toxic linens, less toxins will contaminate our soil and water, and healthier we will be as a society.

PO & Monthly Savings

If you haven't noticed already, each month through our program PO & Save 20%, we offer a selection of products that you can pre-order for 20% discount. You can sign up to our PO list to be notified or simply visit the Monthly Savings page every month to see what's on sale (more details here).

Healthy, Happy & Merry End-of-Year 2022 to Everyone!