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  • Cruel Free Bamboo Baby Comforter duvet Crib - SHOO-FOO, the softness of bamboo
  • Cruel Free Bamboo Baby Comforter duvet - SHOO-FOO, the softness of bamboo
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Cruel Free Bamboo Baby Comforter

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Looking for Vegan, Cruely-free Duvet Comforter?

Look no further than our Bamboo-Filled Duvet Comforter.

Denser than silk and lighter than wool, this bamboo comforter is made from botanical sources only. It is designed to bring comfort to the little ones. Unlike silk and feather-filled duvets that contain animal products or synthetic duvets that contain non-biodegradable fibers, this vegan and eco friendly comforter is filled with bamboo cellulose and wrapped in organic cotton.

Why a Bamboo Comforter is a Must-Have

Excellent Breathability: Say Goodbye to Sweaty Nights

With 100% bamboo cellulose filling and an organic cotton cover, this toxin-free vegan duvet comforter offers superior breathability. The bamboo natural moisture-wicking capabilities allow for a better cooling effect; thus make baby sleep more comfortably.

Non-Slippery Outer Fabric: Enjoy All-Night Comfort

The outer material of this duvet comforter is made from organic cotton. It stays in place without slipping away; keeping baby warm all night.

Safe healthy sustainable textiles: Contribute to conserving the environment

Unlike synthetic duvet fillings that will likely end in landfills after their useful life, bamboo cellulose is biodegradable. This duvet is also toxin-free and unlikely to trigger allergies.

Material composition:

  • filling: 100% lyocell from organically grown bamboo
  • case: 100% unbleached natural cotton
  • the quilting patterns keep the filling in place and evenly distribute warmth
  • loops in for corners to fix the comforter within your duvet cover

Designed and Made in Canada


  • Crib: 30 x 42 in (73 x 102 cm)
  • Twin/Single: 66 x 84 in (167 x 213 cm)

Care Instructions:

  • Use a duvet cover, ideally made from natural fibers for enhanced breathability
  • Spot clean or dry clean as needed
  • Fluff the duvet regularly to maintain loft.
  • Hang dry in direct sun or tumble dry on a low setting.
  • Do not store your duvet in a plastic and polyester bag, it would trap moisture and promote the growth of mildew


  • this product requires extra handling time at the workshop before shipping. Please expect a delivery time of approx 10-12 days.