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Choose Your Bed Sheet Colour and Pre-order Now!

$51.00 $85.00 saving $34.00
Choose Your Bed Sheet Colour and Pre-order Now!

Choose Your Bed Sheet Colour and Pre-order Now!

$51.00 $85.00 saving $34.00
We are pre-launching 3 new colours of Bamboo Bed Sheets and you can help us by pre-ordering yours at Special Price. Production will start as soon as one colour reaches 200 pre-orders. Pre-Orders at SEED price are limited to 200 per colour. Delivery will happen approx 8 weeks after the Goal is reached..

100% Bamboo Bed Sheets - 300 TC

We are pleased to launch our first crowdfunding campaign directly on our website and with you, our loyal followers! Our goals are:

  • to give you a chance to choose the colour of your sheets
  • to help us reaching manufacture minimum quantity faster

The Pre-Order Process has 3 phases: Seed - Shoot - Tree.

SEED: the products are available in 3 different colours at SEED price (deep discounted price). You can "seed" the production by pre-ordering yours. Note that only 200 sheets sets are available at SEED price for each colour.

SHOOT: a colour reaches 200 pre-orders, we launch the production for this colour of bamboo sheets. The product is still now available for pre-order at SHOOT pricing (promotional price => higher price than Seed price) until the end of the campaign on Oct 31

TREE: The production is completed and we start shipping products to people who have pre-ordered. Typically, the production takes approx 8 weeks. Product is now listed as a regular product.

If a colour fail to reach 200 pre-orders, it won't go in production, the pre-orders will be cancelled and you will get reimbursed automatically.


For the description of the product, refer to our regular Bamboo bed sheets Product page. The bamboo sheets available during the pre-order program are exactly the same but in the colour of your choice.


How it works ?

Share with your friend to help reach 200 pre-orders for your favourite colour !

  • Start

    Pre-orders start for 3 different colours.

    The goal for each colour is to reach 200 pre-orders. When a colour reaches 200 pre-orders, we will launch the production of the sheets in this colour.

  • Seed

    First 200 pre-orders (Seed) are at deep discounted price

    Only colour reaching 200 pre-orders will get a chance to go in production. So if you want to get the sheets in your colour, share this with your friends and their friends - and hope that enough people will join you so that your colour reach 200.

  • Shoot

    Pre-orders after 200 (Shoots) are at Promotional price.

    At SHOOT level, pre-orders are available at SHOOT promotional pricing until Oct 31, the end of the campaign.

    Colours with pre-orders below 200 remain at SEED level until they reach 200 pre-order.

  • Tree

    Product is now listed as a regular product.

    At TREE level, the pre-order poject is completed and the bamboo sheets in this colour are listed as a regular product in the SLEEPE Collection.