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Bamboo Pillow Cases - 100% Bamboo - OCEAN green - 300 TC

$ 29.00
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Bamboo Pillow Cases - 100% Bamboo - OCEAN green - 300 TC

$ 29.00
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Wrap your pillows in the eco-friendly softness of Shoo-Foo bamboo

Pillows bring us comfort but pillow cases make us comfortable. Shoo-Foo pillowcases offer the ultimate in comfortability. Made from organically grown bamboo, our bamboo cellulose pillowcases are perfect for people with sensitive skin. Shoo-Foo bamboo is designed to maintain an even temperature during all seasons so you can rest comfortably and enjoy your favourite side of the pillow snugly. Try with our complete bamboo lyocell sheets set for optimal all-night comfort.

Shoo-Foo is sustainably sourced and made from the highest quality organically grown bamboo available.

All about our Bamboo Pillow Cases:

  • Shoo-Foo bamboo pillowcases feel like silky cashmere against your skin, providing you with an alluring softness that promotes a restful night’s sleep
  • The hypoallergenic quality of bamboo cellulose helps to prevent skin irritations, effectively calming your immune system overnight
  • organically grown and pesticide-free fabric, limiting your body’s daily exposure to harsh and unhealthy chemicals
  • Breathable fabric allows for ultimate body temperature control whether it’s a hot summer night or a cold winter morning

About Material & Sizes:

material: 100% bamboo lyocell from organically grown bamboo – 300 TC

Full/Queen: 53 x 81 cm (21 x 32 + 4 in)

King: 53 x 101 cm (21 x 40 + 4 in)

colour: Ocean green

CARE: Wash in cold water - never use chlorine bleach - never use fabric softener - tumble dry at gentle cycle or hang to dry for even better results. To maintain bamboo linens, always wash in cold water as you would a silk shirt or woolen sweater.