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Organic Wool Filled Bed Pillows

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Smooth, Soft, Comfy & Eco Sustainable Wool Pillows.

Handmade in Vancouver with wool batting sourced in England, these wool bed pillows are cased in soft organic cotton fabric for optimum natural comfort

This is a medium-loft super comfy pillow, supportive yet soft.

Wool naturally wicks moisture away from your skin, so wool pillows are excellent for maintaining a constant body temperature. It will help you stay cool on summer nights while keeping you warm and cozy in winter.?ÿ

Wool is a little firmer than kapok and some other materials used to make pillows, so itƒ??s best suited to side sleepers.?ÿ

Benefits of Organic Wool:

  • BREATHABLE & COMFY: besides being soft, wool is a highly breathable and humidity regulating; keeping you warm and dry all night.
  • NON-ALLERGEN: wool is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.
  • DUST MITE RESISTANT: dust mites can't live in wool due to microscopic bristles on the wool fibers.
  • SUSTAINABLE: wool is a renewable resource.

Material & Sizes:

      • filling: 100% organic wool batting
      • casing: 100% organic cotton
      • Petite 14x20"
      • Standard 20x27"
      • Queen 20x30"
      • King 20x36"

        Care Instructions:

        The whole pillow may be hand-washed in cool water and with mild detergent. Gently squeeze and do not over agitate. When rinsed it can be spun in the washing machine to remove excess water. Place in dryer on "hot" for a max. of 10 minutes. Remove and allow to air dry.

        PLEASE NOTE:
        • this product requires extra handling time at the workshop before shipping. Please expect a delivery time of approx 10-15 days.
        • due the bulky nature of this product, a flat shipping fee will be added to your invoice at checkout.