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Natural Cork Yoga Mat

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Natural Cork Yoga Mat

$ 92.00
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Made for the all-natural yogis!

Made from natural cork (mat surface) and natural rubber (mat back), the Cork Yoga Mat is designed for the all-natural yogis who care for their health and for the environment.

A great choice for yoga, pilates, HIIT, at-home workouts, stretching, meditation

Natural Non-Slip Cork Surface

Cork gets more grippy with moisture - meaning you can feel stable and get deeper into your poses without sliding, no matter how hot and heavy things get

Cork contains a natural waxy substance that doesn’t absorb water but actually improves grip when wet. So basically, the sweatier…the better!

Just as Bamboo, Cork is naturally antibacterial

Cork is a natural antimicrobial which will help keep you safe from germs. This means that cork inhibits bacteria, mold & fungal growth. No smelly mat. No antibacterial sprays needed. Your mat will be super fresh smelling all the time (just as bamboo towels).


Cork and rubber contains zero PVC, TPE, PER, EVA or any other harmful chemicals. The way to go for a non-toxic practice

A sustainable and plant-based choice

Cork is an incredibly sustainable material. It is harvested from cork tree bark, without ever touching the inner trunk. This means the same tree can be re-harvested every 9 years without hurting it. So no trees are harmed in the process, meaning they can live their full 200 years of life!

100% sustainable & biodegradable materials with zero plastics 

Durable and made to last

Cork is a very durable yoga mat surface, cork flooring is a popular choice for many gyms and studios because of its durability and added cushion. So be prepared to have your cork yoga mat hanging around for a long time!


all materials are 100% biodegradable

  • natural cork; eco sustainable harvesting practice
  • natural rubber; eco sustainable harvesting practice
  • water-based ink
  • recycled fabric (yoga strap)
  • carry strap included


  • 183 cm x 66 cm x 4.5mm (72 in x 26 in x 0.2 in)

The 4.5mm of cork and rubber makes an excellent cushion, protecting your knees and joints so you can keep your movement flowing!

Fun fact to know about Cork:

Did you know cork oak trees stripped of their bark actually absorb 3-5x more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen? It is estimated that every year cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of climate change.