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Organic Kapok Body Pillow + Body Pillow Pillowcase

$ 115.00
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Organic Kapok Body Pillow + Body Pillow Pillowcase

$ 115.00
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The Comfort of a Natural & Vegan Body Pillow

Light and fluffy, these body pillows are filled with natural organic kapok fibres only. Kapok trees are also known as the silk cotton tree. They grow in tropical rain forests around the world without chemicals of any kind. At harvesting time, only the pods (fibers) are harvested, the trees are left standing according to sustainable farming. The fibres are not washed or treated with chlorine or any other chemicals.

Also available in bed sizes such as queen and king as well as baby and junior sizes.


  • BODY PILLOW + PILLOWCASE: to make thinks easier, we are offering this comfy organic kapok body pillow and its pillowcase together. You simply need to choose the colour of your pillowcase.
  • NATURAL NON-TOXIC: made from natural fluffy and soft kapok fibres only, not blended with petroleum-based fabric such as polyester, making it a healthier option for your home and the planet
  • ZIPPERED ORGANIC COTTON CASE: the kapok fibres are wrapped in a case made from certified organic cotton for extra softness and durability. Zippered to allow you to adjust firmness to your taste or needs.
  • EXTRA PILLOW PROTECTOR: to protect even better your pillow, you have the option to add an extra pillow protector
  • VEGAN & HYPOALLERGENIC: being made only from botanical material, organic cotton and kapok fibres, these pillows have the benefits of being vegan & hypoallergenic.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the bulky nature of this product, a flat shipping fee will be added to your invoice at checkout. 


  • filling: 100% Organic Kapok FIbres
  • case: 100% Organic Cotton
  • extra pillow protector: 100% Organic Cotton


  • 35 x 114 cm | 14 x 45 inches