6 Eco-conscious Wrapping Ideas for your Holiday Gifts.

6 Eco-conscious Wrapping Ideas for your Holiday Gifts.

Have you finished your Holiday shopping yet?

Ready to wrap-up those eco-friendly gifts? Don’t use the same old dollar store wrapping paper that will just end up in the recycling or worse, yet, landfill. Instead, try one of these sustainable wrapping ideas for your holiday gifts. Use a large scrap of fabric to wrap your gifts! Great for gifts that have a unique (difficult-to-wrap) shape. Make it cozy and double-up on the present by using a scarf or blanket scarf to wrap the present!


1) Reusable Gift Bags

So many stores are selling reusable gift bags these days. These are great because they truly are the gift(bag) that keeps on giving! Choose a bag with a fun and decorative print and tie it with some twine or string for a rustic look.

2) Newspaper

This one’s a classic. Choose the comics page for kids of all ages, or a page from their favourite section of the paper. Add some coloured ribbon for a gorgeous contrast to the black and white pages.

3) Old Sewing Patterns

Old sewing patters are super easy to find at thrift stores and garage sales, and especially if they haven’t been used (cut into pieces), they can make excellent wrappers for large and unusual shaped items because they are made out of tissue paper! Or if they have been used, the pieces are great for small items and for stuffing boxes and gift bags.

4) Maps

Old maps from your past trips deserve one last happy use. They are colourful and large, perfect qualities for wrapping those large items.

5) Kid's drawing

Your kid is a prolific artist? With their permission, use their drawings for your gift packaging. Up-cycled, unique, artistic..be prepared that the wrapping may steal the show from the gift itself :)

6) Be Creative!

Use unbleached craft paper and decorate it with ribbons, cut outs from last years holiday cards and fun images from magazines. Or create some potato stamps and with some tempera or acrylic paint, make your own patterns and images using Christmas cookie cutters. Here’s the video tutorial showing you how:

For other eco-friendly Holiday decorating ideas, visit our Pinterest Board.

Leave us your favourite eco wrapping ideas in our comments below, we may feature it in a future blog post!

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