How We Made Our Site Greener…By 300%!

How We Made Our Site Greener…By 300%!


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Did you know that at the current rate of growth, by 2020, web hosting will be as big a polluter as the airline industry?

A shocking fact, we know, but one that needs to highlighted. At Shoo-Foo we feel every person and business has a part to play in creating a greener planet! That’s why we have taken the steps with our hosting provider, Liddleworks Indie Media, toward green web hosting.

What Exactly Is Green Web Hosting?

For those of you not completely tech savvy, web hosting is the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites. Green web hosts or ‘eco-friendly’ web hosts are those web hosting providers that have a plan to save energy as much as possible and even to generate energy from renewable sources.

The green hosting service provided by Liddleworks pulls energy from the regular power grid to ensure that we have a constant and even power flow so our website is reliable. In order to compensate, we purchase enough wind energy to put back into the grid 3x the power. This allows us to say our website is 300% greener than normal, has a zero carbon footprint, and provides clean energy for someone else too!

Reasons to go Green!

Renewable Energy

  • The energy sources used by a web host makes a world of difference in the level of greenness they get. To this end, green web hosting companies often take advantage of renewable sources of energy.
  • Some have taken to getting their energy demands satisfied by utility companies focused on solar and wind power. Others, on the other hand, use solar panels and wind turbines to generate energy for their use.

Cost Savings

  • Green web hosting will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Although many people are concerned about human impact on the environment, only some realize that a good reason to go green is to cut on costs.
  • At present, those web hosts that have elected to implement greener technologies tend to spend less in utility and electric bills. These savings are typically passed on to consumers!


  • Today, it is possible to check whether a web host is eco-friendly. All you have to do is go through any one of the many green web hosting certifications added to their website. Some, however, choose to include this information in marketing material and hosting terms.
  • Therefore, watch out for Energy Star ratings, Carbon Neutralization certification and more to see just how green your host has gone!

Do you wish to learn more about green web hosting and the benefits involved? Contact our hosting providers, Liddleworks Indie Media and bring your website into the year 2017!


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