How will you enjoy confinement this week-end?

How will you enjoy confinement this week-end?

The last few weeks have been long for many of us. We are not use to confinement, aren't we? Well, with a little bit of research and creativity, we can transform this #stayathome duty into a very exciting time.

Below are few ideas...

Learn Hip-Hop or African dances:

If you need to move, to be more active physically, maybe with the kids or with your at-home teenagers, why not trying a Hip-Hop dance class? or even an Afrobeats dance class.

Make your own bread:

Craving for bread? Don't like the lineup at the grocery? Learn how to make your own bread at home with Richardo in English ou en français apprenez à faire votre pain maison avec Ricardo.

Watch movies:

In the mood for documentaries? The Festival Vision du Réel is starting this Friday and last until May 2nd. The programme is exceptional and for the first time online this year Festival Vision du Réel - Documentaries Film Festival

Visit Museums:

Missing a visit at the art galleries, you may visit any of these 12 famous museums online for free; including the British Museum, the Guggenheim, the Van Gogh and many more.

If you have a little more than 5 hours for yourself, Dive into this unique cinematic journey through the Hermitage, the world’s biggest museums in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Learn how to shoot great photos:

Loving photography? In April, Nikon is offering a series of 10 classes of approx one hour each online, free. Visit the Nikon Photo Classes and have fun!

Discover the Phantom:

Of course, Youtube is a good place to spend sometime. Check their new channel called The Shows Must Go On. Among others, you can view The Phantom of The Opera every weekend. More shows will be added in the near future.

Join the Planet and watch the One World Together Concert

And last but not least, this Saturday April 18th, join the people around the World and tune into the Lady Gaga Check local listing here. Learn more about the Concert here

Wishing you all a great, healthy and fun week-end !!

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