How you can help the environment TODAY!

How you can help the environment TODAY!

April 22nd, 2017 is Earth Day so to celebrate we have listed off some simple changes and instant ways you can help the environment TODAY! Trying to make a change to a more eco-friendly life may seem daunting to some but every single person on the planet has the power to enforce change. Read through these tips to living a greener life, and apply them starting TODAY! Earth Day

#1 Scale Back The use of Your Car

Reducing the amount you drive your car has a great effect on the environment and may actually be easier than you think. Here are some of the best ways to reduce your car use. Whether this means you start cycling more on your shorter commutes or take advantage of public transport more often, or choose to shop online to save the trip, you will be making a difference. Earth Day

#2 Reduce Food Waste

This is a bad habit that many people have. Did you know that in the US it is estimated that roughly 40% of all food ends up being wasted? This is a shocking stat that we can all help change, starting in our own kitchens! You can reduce food waste by starting to create new habits such as, donating unwanted food to food kitchens and learn to love leftovers! Something as simple as making a streamlined food plan and grocery list for the week will help reduce food waste fast! Earth Day

#3 Use Less Food Packaging

This is something we could all get better at. Food packaging is everywhere and can be hard to avoid but there are a few tips to help reduce our use of food packaging. One of the most simple changes we could all make is to buy a travel mug. It’s estimated that, on average an office worker handles 500 coffee cups each year! This is immediately reduced with the purchase of a reusable mug… plus, some coffee shops give discounts when you bring your own mug! Obvious measures like buying in bulk will also reduce your packaging use along with purposely purchasing loose fruit and veg instead of their pre-packed cousins! Earth Day

#4 Shop With The Environment in Mind

Making informed decision when buying products can help make a huge difference, not only to the environment but potentially to your wallet too. For example, choosing used products such as furniture and books. These will reduce your carbon footprint as they don’t need to be shipped across the globe, and second hand products often come with considerably less packaging! Similar to the travel mug tip above, a reusable water bottle is something each and every one of us should invest in. Did you know that 17 million barrels of oil is used in the production of disposable water bottles every year!? This is a huge problem and for the most part, the solution is simple and something most of us can do with little trouble! These are only a handful of the many ways in which we can help the environment TODAY! These are minor changes to our lives but collectively with each adjustment, you will be helping the environment in ways you may not even know! Happy Earth Day 2017! For more hints, tips and simple changes you can make to help the environment, click here... or if you have some simple tips on leading a greener life, let s know in the comments below! Also, throughout the month of April we will be celebrating Earth Day 2017 by offering you 22% off our entire online store! Just use promo code #earth22 at the checkout!
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