SEED, SAVE & SHARE: a fun shopping model !

SEED, SAVE & SHARE: a fun shopping model !

You may have noticed that few days ago, we launched our first Pre-Order Event: SEED, SAVE & SHARE, have you? We are thrilled to experiment with this new in-house program!

What is SEED, SAVE & SHARE about?

Well, you have been the inspiration behind this event. True! Over the last 2 years, you have been telling us how much you love our bamboo sheets and how much you would like that we offer more choices of colours.

As a small company making high quality products with only the best material and the best artisans, and never compromising on our eco sustainable values, it could be a challenge to offer a broad variety of colours and styles all at once.
So we have consulted business advisors and went into brainstorming sessions for a period of time to try find a solution. The result was this SEED, SAVE & SHARE Event. Which is basically a mini in-house crowd funding event. It is designed to:
  • offer you a chance to choose the colour of your bamboo sheets
  • help us reaching the minimum quantity required by the manufacture faster
If together we succeed at making this first SEED, SAVE & SHARE a success, then we'll have a great model to follow and we will be able to SEED, SAVE & SHARE other bamboo products of your choice in the future. And we can all have a lot of fun doing it!

But let’s start by this first one!

Since BEACH - SILVER - LAVENDER were your 3 favourite colours during last Summer Survey, we will start with bamboo sheets in these colours. How does it work? This is very simple. You can
    • SEED (pre-order) your bamboo sheets in the colours and sizes of your choice
      • SAVE 40% on regular prices during the SEED, SAVE & SHARE Event
        • SHARE the promo with your friends to help meet the magic number of 200 pre-orders

          The Pre-Order Process has 3 phases: SEED - SHOOT - TREE

          • SEED: the products are available at SEED prices. You can SEED the production by pre-ordering yours. Only 200 sheets sets per colour are available at SEED price.
          • SHOOT: a colour reaches 200 pre-orders, we launch the production for this colour. The product is still available for pre-order but now it is at SHOOT pricing (still a good price but a bit higher price than SEED price) until Oct 31.
          • TREE: The production is completed. We start shipping products to all of you who have pre-ordered. The product is now listed as a regular product, at regular price.

          Want to SEED, SAVE & SHARE ?

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