How To Make Your Own DIY Air Freshener

How To Make Your Own DIY Air Freshener

The colder weather has us staying inside more often and when you’re always indoors, it can be hard to notice what your home may smell like. That pungent curry smell from last night’s dinner might still be lingering. The dog may have brought in the winter weather from its last walk. Whatever the cause of your home odours, we all want to have a clean, fresh-smelling home. Candles and commercial air fresheners can be full of unnecessary chemicals. Instead, try one of these DIY air fresheners!

Essential Oil Air Freshener

DIY Room refresher

This simple air freshener combines water, vodka, and essential oils. You can mix and match whatever essential oils you have on hand to obtain your favourite scent. Simply mix all of the ingredients in an 8 oz spray bottle, shake, and spray. The Prairie Homestead has several essential oil combinations for you to try including citrus, spice, and everything nice!

Mason Jar Stove-Top Air Freshener

One of the simplest ways to diffuse delicious-smelling aromas throughout your home is from your stove-top! Combine fruits, spices, extracts and herbs to create unique scents. Add them to a pot of boiling water to diffuse the scent throughout your home. Once your home is refreshed, pour the contents of the pot into a mason jar and store in the fridge until next time. Clean My Space has instructions and recipes for all sorts of mason jar stove-top air fresheners.

DIY Scented Wood Air Freshener

Wood is great at holding in and releasing scents. Northstory came up with a fun and crafty way of creating homemade wood air fresheners. Buy craft blocks or small wooden pieces from your local craft store. Paint or coat them with your favourite essential oils. If the scent begins to fade, just add some more essential oils. These make a great car freshener or tree ornament as well!

DIY Orange Peel Candle

Bring a little rustic charm to your home with these DIY orange peel candles by Robyn’s View. All you need are some oranges, some oil (canola, olive, or vegetable oil), and something to scrape the fruit from the peel. Keeping the stem of the orange as the candle wick, simply add the oil, let sit for 45 minutes, then light and enjoy.

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