Why Natural Fibers for Home Linens?

  • Bamboo-filled Duvet Comforter for Babies and Kids


    Comfort in bed is primordial to a good night sleep and a healthy you! Natural fibers bedding breathe well, keep you warm and dry all night, no sweating! Providing the comfort you need for good quality sleep.

  • Healthy Natural Fibers choices for your bedding


    Toxin-free home linens and bedding, filled with natural organic fibers such as kapok, bamboo cellulose, organic wool or buckwheat will keep chemicals and toxins away from your bedroom thus offer you an healthier night sleep.

  • bamboo eco sustainable


    Today, all kind of chemicals are flooding into our lives, affecting our health. Shoo-Foo offers eco alternatives to the highly polluting regular cotton and petroleum-based fabric such as polyester, microfiber and the likes.

organic eco friendly bamboo duvet insert silk comforter wool comforter

sleep better with bamboo duvet

available in summer and all-seasons weight, bamboo duvet inserts bring you warmth and comfort, and no toxin!

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Try Hemp Shower Curtain

Hemp curtains are a simple and great alternative to toxic PVC vinyl shower liner in your bathroom.

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    Our Story

    The Shoo-Foo lifestyle was born out of a desire to create change. In a world where all kind of chemicals are flooding into our lives, hurting the Earth and affecting our health, we want to be part of the solution and propose healthier options.

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    Our Impact

    Since 2017, we chose to serve Planet Earth. We offer eco healthy bed and bath products made from natural fibers to help reduce toxins in the environment and make our homes comfy and healthier.