Safe, Healthy & Sustainalbe Homes, that's what we care for.

Safe, Healthy & Sustainable Homes, that's what we care for.

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Bamboo Sustainability

Learn how using bamboo helps the environment

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Keep It Clean, Naturally!

Learn how bamboo charcoal can help keep your home fresh and healthy

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Go Toxin-Free in Bed !

discover our collection of bed sheets in natural fibers

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Wish to go Natural & Toxin-Free at Home?

We are here to help you discover high quality, healthy & eco friendly products to make your home safe & comfy.

Eco friendly bamboo fabric for Bath and Bed

We create eco friendly bamboo towels and bamboo bed sheets to help reduce toxins in the environment and in your home; thus improving the quality of your sleep and your general wellness.

Eco friendly bamboo

Choices of Natural Fabric for Bath and Bed

A better and healthier sleep starts with a restful night in non-toxic chemical-free bedding. The quality of your mattress, your bed pillows, your comforter and your bed sheets, all have an impact on your health. Discover how to make your bed comfy and healthy to improve the quality of your sleep.

10 years of sustainable work

Dany Filion, ecologist, scientist and bamboo lover remember how everything started: "If bamboo was so much better for our lives, our planet and our future, why not bring it into every day usage?"


Rain and sunshine is all that bamboo needs to grow strong! A true sustainable resource for a soft fabric.

Bamboo Duvet Cover - 100% Bamboo - OCEAN green - 300 TC Bamboo Sheets Set 1 Duvet cover / Twin - SHOO-FOO, the softness of bamboo
  • Eco-sustainability

    Bamboo requires no fertilizer, irrigation or pesticides to grow and doesn’t need to be replanted. It does regenerate by itself. Not only we don’t cut forests to plant bamboo, but we contribute at keeping forests alive. ...learn more

  • Fair trade

    Shoo-Foo manufacturing partners are hand selected based on safety of workers, environmental and ethical factors, trust and commitment to quality control. ...learn more

  • Healthy living

    Bamboo fabric is more resistant to mildew and bacteria than most other types of fabric. Due to its softness and hypoallergenic qualities, bamboo is a balm to sensitive skin. ...learn more

  • Better material

    Being soft, incredibly absorbent, breathable and resistant to germs, bamboo textiles made from organic bamboo cellulose make it a perfect material for bath towels and bed linens. ...learn more