• 100% Natural

    All our products are made from natural toxin-free eco sustainable fibers to help reduce toxins in the environment.

    Shoo-Foo Lifestyle 
  • Made with Love

    We have been working with the same weavers since 2007. We are truly sharing a passion for quality.

    Made with Love 
  • The Textile Loop

    We care for the management of our natural resources. Textile recycling is the next stepping stone of our journey.

    The Textile Loop 

Comfy Bamboo Comforter

Crafted to perfection, our vegan bamboo filled comforters bring sustainable softness and sophistication to your bedroom.

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BAMBOO sheets and duvet cover in various colors

Soft Bamboo Sheets & Duvet Covers

Wrap your comforter in a cocoon of elegance and softness with our sustainable bamboo duvet cover.

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So Comfy Kapok Pillows!

Indulge in a peaceful sleep every night with our eco-conscious kapok bed pillows.

On Sale this Month! (consider it a black friday in disguise)

Get 30% Off when you buy 2 pillows (or 10% for 1 pillow)

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Why Natural Fibers


Comfort in bed is primordial to a good night sleep and a healthy you! Natural fibers bedding breathe well, keep you warm and dry all night, no sweating! Providing the comfort you need for good quality sleep.


Toxin-free home linens and bedding, filled with natural organic fibers such as kapok, bamboo cellulose, organic wool or buckwheat will keep chemicals and toxins away from your bedroom thus offer you an healthier night sleep.


Today, all kind of chemicals are flooding into our lives, affecting our health. Shoo-Foo offers eco alternatives to the highly polluting regular cotton and petroleum-based fabric such as polyester, microfiber and the likes.

Join our Eco Sustainable Journey

We at SHOO-FOO have committed to making a positive impact on Planet Earth. Our mission is to help creating a positive and sustainable future for the world we live in, and to make sure every person has access to the resources they need to thrive.

We are proud to donate 2% of our revenue to non-profit organizations that are working to make a difference. We strongly believe that healthy forests are crucial for a healthy planet and healthy & happy human populations. That's why we are mainly supporting projects that are restoring, growing and regenerating forests around the world.

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