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Discover high quality, toxin-free and eco friendly bath and bed products for the well-being of your family.

Eco Friendly Bamboo Fabric for Bath & Bed

We create eco friendly bamboo towels and bamboo bed sheets to help reduce toxins in the environment and in your home; thus improving the quality of your sleep and your general wellness.

Choices of Natural Fabric for Bath & Bed

A better and healthier sleep starts with a restful night in non-toxic chemical-free bedding. The quality of your mattress, your bed pillows, your comforter and your bed sheets, all have an impact on your health. Discover how to make your bed comfy and healthy to improve the quality of your sleep.

More than 10 years of sustainable work

Dany Filion, ecologist, scientist and bamboo lover remember how everything started: "If bamboo was so much better for our lives, our planet and our future, why not bring it into every day usage?"

we are on a mission

Our Journey

Why and how we chose to commit to sustainable manufacturing practices

Our Goals

We are focusing on 3 of the United Nations World's To Do List for a Sustainable Future

Our Love

Our first love goes for bamboo. Bamboo fabric is Soft, Silky, and Sustainable.