Re-Connect with Nature

Science has proven it many times now: living closer to nature is beneficial to our health; both physical and mental. Nature is a grand source of inspiration for scientists. Indeed, thanks to its great adaptability, Nature has long found solutions to many comfort problems such as water resistance, thermal regulation, etc. For us at SHOO-FOO, choosing natural organic fabric is a major step towards an healthier and happier life.


Healthy Forests | Healthy Planet | Healthy Us

It is now well known that forests are beneficial for our physical and mental health. Originating from Japan, Forest Bathing is now very popular in North-America as well.

Through their leaves and bark, trees take in harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen for us to breathe while reducing the effects of a global warming climate.

By choosing bamboo fibers for our home linens not only we don't cut forest but we contribute at keeping forest alive.


Sustainable manufacturing and consumption

Sustainable production is crucial to a well balanced eco system and healthy planet.

Shoo-Foo was actually born out of a desire to create change in the supply chain of home linens. Selecting our manufacturing partners has been our first important step. We have now been working with the same few partners for more than 10 years. We share same values in terms of the safety of workers, environmental and ethical factors, mutural trust and commitment to quality.

Sustainable consumption is also crucial. In Nature, nothing is lost or wasted. Endless growth is not a natural reality.

With this in mind, we have chosen to make and offer products made from renewable resources and made to last.

Whether it's the highest thread count available for bamboo in twill weave, 18 inches deep pocket fitted sheet, duvet cover with a zipper closure; our products are all designed to the highest quality standard with your health and durability in mind.