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The word SHOO-FOO is an homophone of a Chinese word meaning comfy, cozy, pleasant, calm, quiet, healthy.   

The Shoo-foo lifestyle was born out of a desire to create change. As the founder of Shoo-Foo, my passion for eco sustainability led me to pursue a degree in Ecology. During my studies, I followed my second passion, which was Chinese language. Soon after becoming fluent in Mandarin, I travelled to China, where I lived and worked for over 10 years.

While living in China, I became aware of the hidden and harmful practices behind the cotton production and manufacturing processes. Coincidently, it is at about the same time that I discovered the idea of bamboo as a resource for fabric. Being trained as an ecologist, I immediately saw the potential for bamboo to become an eco-friendly option in the textile world.

If bamboo was so much better for our lives, our planet and our future, why not bring it into every day usage?



Determined to help make a change, I created Shoo-Foo, a line of bamboo bath and bed linens for the whole family, made from organically grown bamboo.

Ability to speak Chinese and relate to the culture allowed me to establish significant relationships with the members of the bamboo industry. Soon, I became familiar with the local bamboo farming community and have learned about bamboo farming in relation to the impact on the environment. That was refreshing to see how bamboo crops and human communities have lived in a kind of symbiotic relationship for many generations.

Today, in collaboration with the bamboo industry, we are able to develop and maintain sustainable manufacturing practices and create bamboo products with minimal ecological impact.