Benefits of Flax Linen Sheets

    • thanks to its natural long fibres, European linen fabric breathes very well and helps keep your body temperature constant as you sleep.
    • highly breathable with strong moisture absorbency qualities, flax linen fabric help keep you fresh in Summer and warm in Winter.
    • linen fabric will get softer and softer after each wash.
    • Our flax linen sheets are not pre-washed and the fabric was not chemically treated. This means that the fabric is toxins-free; which is a safe choice for people with skin sensitivities. The sheets are cut larger to allow for shrinkage at the first wash.
    • natural linen fibres are very strong and durable. Expect many years of natural comfort
    • The production of linen is truly eco sustainable. it is farmed naturally and each part of the plant is used, no waste.