Care Instructions for Duvet Comforter Inserts

Bamboo Duvet Inserts:

  • Use a duvet cover, ideally made from natural fibers for better breathability
  • Spot clean or dry clean as needed
  • Fluff the duvet regularly to maintain loft.
  • Hang dry in direct sun or tumble dry on a low setting.
  • Do not store your duvet in a plastic and polyester bag, it would trap moisture and promote the growth of mildew

Silk Duvet Inserts:

  • Machine washable in cold water at delicate cycle.
  • No bleach and harsh chemicals.
  • Dry clean is ok, if you prefer.

Organic Wool Duvet Inserts:

  • Cover your organic wool duvet with a duvet cover
  • wash the duvet cover regularly
  • Air out on a hot sunny day once a year to deodorize and kill germs.
  • This product cannot be washed in water.
  • Professional dry clean is ok, if necessary.