Earth Day: Reflecting on progress and looking to the future

Earth Day: Reflecting on progress and looking to the future

Did you know that Earth Day was born in 1970?

On April 22nd this year, it will be the 53rd time that some of us will stop and take time to reflect on the health condition of our home Earth.

Over the years, Earth Day has grown from a small root movement into a global network of people of all horizons that are serious about spreading awareness related to environmental issues and inspiring action to address challenges that we are all facing as human beings, including climate change, air, soil and water pollution, deforestation, and biodiversity loss.

If some progresses were made, especially in terms of awareness and education, challenges have stretch and build up too.

How does it look today?

Today, the human population is over 8 billion – more then double what it was in 1970! More people mean more soil degradation, more of all kinds of pollution, more waste, more biodiversity loss, and that is without talking about dramatic climate changes that are perturbing our lives daily now. Plus, high population densities make pandemics more likely. Sounds familiar?

Let's talk about some of the progress that we have accomplish first and see how we can keep the good vibes going.

Last year, in December 2022 at the COP 15 in Montreal, the 30 by 30 Initiative was adopted and became the major achievement of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. Today, more than one hundred countries have pledged to reach the objective of protecting 30% of the land and 30% of the water of Earth by 2030.

What’s next? Climate change!

We must be earnest about this common goal and work diligently towards achieving our promise. As individuals, we need to constantly remind our government that this truly matters to us.

Globally, we have the knowledge, technology, and capacity to make positive changes. It's not too late to act and start making a difference. Climate change is a real and urgent concern. If we do act in collaboration, our actions will have an impact and we will gradually see signs of climate stabilization with less extreme weather events.

Don’t forget that it will take many years before we see a significant change, even if we all work seriously at achieving our goal. So we have to stay focus and stick to our long term goal. The changes that we are gradually making need to become new lifestyle, not only temporary tasks. Don't forget: We want to change the World! It could sound scary, but it is actually an exciting challenge too!

Renewable energy

Another challenge is the increasing demand for energy related to a growing population. The current shift towards electric vehicles that we are taking around the world will have a significant positive impact on climate changes over time but for now, it is generating a sudden high pick demand for electricity! Can we meet the demand in a sustainable way?

Our creative engineers must rise to the challenge of developing scalable and renewable energy sources to meet our energy needs. On the other flip, each of us should find ways to use energy more efficiently.

Beside climate and energy, deforestation is still a major issue, and waste management, pollution, all need serious attention. But let’s stop here for today and shift our focus to actions that we can take to help push our agenda forwards and contribute at the 30 x 30 initiative.

Few gift suggestions that we can offer to Earth on Earth Day and beyond:

    • 1) SAY NO TO PLASTIC! Say no to single-use plastics such a take-out packaging, shopping bag and even cling film. Have you heard about ABEEGO? Abeego is our go-to solution here at Shoo-Foo. Their reusable beeswax food wrap keeps our food alive until we eat it and keep plastic away from our kitchens. Small change, huge impact!
      • 2) GET THRIFTY! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Be creative in finding ways to repurpose and upcycle objects. Thrift stores and second-hand shops are treasure troves waiting to be explored! Swap your old clothes or belongings with friends, organize a "Reuse Rave" where everyone brings items they no longer need and trade for new-to-you treasures.
        • 3) REDESIGN YOUR TRANSPORTATION Create you own transportation cocktail. Biking, walking, carpooling, and public transportation are not only great for the environment, but also better for our health and keep us in line with the social fabric of our cities. At Shoo-Foo, we love walking, biking and using the car sharing options offered by Evo Car and Modo; 2 car sharing brands in Vancouver.
          • 4) SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE: It's all about making conscious choices! Choosing sustainably produced and ethically sourced products that are well made (made to last) does make a difference. Less waste and especially less toxic waste, less pollution and less health issues. Few years ago, it was difficult to find quality products to bring back home but today many brands are making it their purpose to offer eco sustainable options to the market, let’s support them!
            • 5) PROTECT FOREST: Plant native trees and support reforestation efforts. Protect parks areas in your neighborhood, plant a vegetable or flower garden instead of lawn, grow a green wall. Keep it green and soft (less cement and asphalt in my backyard please). Green plants contribute at keeping your immediate environment cooler during the hot summers. And as you know, at Shoo-Foo we are planting trees for each order you make 😊
              • 6) RENEWABLE ENERGY Support renewable energy sources like solar and wind power as much as you can. If you are an engineer, make it your purpose to develop clean scalable and renewable energy sources that will make our lives healthier.
                • 7) LEAD BY EXAMPLE Be yourself and inspire others to take action for the planet. Share your eco-journey on social media, using hashtags like #EarthDay and #30x30chanllenge or any other of your choice to connect with fellow eco-enthusiasts and spread the love for our planet.

                  Remember, small actions can add up to make a big difference when it comes to protecting our home, planet Earth. By offering a personal commitment or action as a "gift" to the Earth on Earth Day and incorporating sustainable practices into our daily lives, we can contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for our planet and all living beings🌍🎉🌳

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