how to wash and care for your flax linen sheets

How to Wash and Care for your Linen Sheets?


Linen sheets made from flax fibers are strong, durable and easy to care for. Actually, the more often you wash them, the softer they will get.

No worries, your linen sheets will last for many many years if you take care of them properly. Below, we are telling you how to care for your flax bedding and maintain their luxurious elegance and comfort for years to come.


How to Wash Flax Linen Sheets?

Flax linen is easy to take care of and can be washed repeatedly without causing piling. The fabric naturally gets softer with every wash. Here’s how you can get the most out of your new flax linen sheets.

Machine Safe Fabric
Flax linen is 100% machine safe and washes well in cold water—this helps retain the colors and keep them vibrant. Make sure you’re putting it on a moderate spin cycle.

Avoid Whitening Agents
It is normal for people to add whitening agents with chlorine when washing their sheets, but this can harm the consistency of the fabric. It will add blotches and give your sheets a yellow hue. Avoid using whitening agents at all costs.

Tumble Drying Your Sheets
After you spin the sheets on a moderate setting, they can be dried in a tumble dryer. Just make sure the temperature isn’t too high.

Ironing Flax Linen Sheets
The rustic look of the sheets is essentially the linen fabric's biggest charm. However, if you prefer to go for an even finish, you can iron your sheets. Try to iron linens on the reverse side while it still has moisture in it—make sure you do it on low heat without the steam.

Get It Cleaned Professionally
Get in touch with dry cleaners that know how to handle linen fabric. Once trust is established, you can hand over your sheets to them so that they clean them for you.

How to get rid of stain on your linen sheets?

The best way to avoid stain is regular washing but of course, life incident do happen and your beautiful linen sheets can get stained. The best way to get rid of most types of stain on fabric made from natural fibers is to soak the stained area in hydrogen peroxide for several hours. The stain will gradually disappear. Once it has disappeared, simply machine wash your linen sheets in cold water with your regular detergent (as described above).  

How to store your linen sheets?

It is extremely important to dry your linen sheets completely before folding them and storing them in your linen closet. In fact, this is true for any sheets made from natural fibers. Avoiding to fold and store your linen sheets when still damp will help keep mildew and mold away.

If you wish to prevent discoloration of your linen bed sheets, store them in a linen chest away from direct sunlight.

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