The 6 Benefits Of Using Hemp Shower Curtains At Home

The 6 Benefits Of Using Hemp Shower Curtains At Home

Our bathrooms are somewhere that we use every day, but we often neglect to think about the health risks that come with some of the bathroom accessories that we use. Shower curtains are a great example of this, which is why more people than ever before are switching over to hemp shower curtains. Keep reading to discover the top benefits of using a hemp shower curtain at home this year.

  1.  Plastic-Free

As you can probably guess, hemp shower curtains are plastic-free and made from 100% hemp canvas fabric. This thick and tightly woven material naturally repels water, offering you a natural solution to protect your bathroom while you are washing each day. There are many health risks associated with the huge amount of plastic we use in our everyday lives. You’ll be able to do yourself a huge favour and remove one of the plastic items which could be impacting your health on a daily basis.

  1. Toxin-Free

Hemp fabric don’t emit any toxic gases in the same way that vinyl PVC does. They are naturally resistant to bacteria and fungi, making them the ideal choice to add to your bathroom this year. You won’t have to worry about the potential damage you could be doing to you or your family’s health, as this natural material is a great option for any home.

  1. No Vinyl Needed

Instead of using your old vinyl liner, you can add a stylish and sophisticated hemp shower curtain instead. You also won’t have the issue of the plastic curtain sticking to you as you get in and out of the shower, which is always an unpleasant experience. Most homeowners are still relying on PVC shower liners, which are made from a type of plastic that’s very hard to recycle and potentially toxic. You’ll keep yourself and your family safe for many years to come by switching to this long-lasting material instead.

  1. Zero Waste

We’re all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and changing to a hemp shower curtain is an easy switch to make. Each of our shower curtains is made from 7 oz fabric, which means it’s durable and long-lasting. While the curtain will get wet between uses, you just need to machine wash it every few weeks so that you can continue using it for many years to come. We recommend drying your hemp curtain in the sun every once in a while, as this is a natural bleach that will keep your shower curtain in top condition. Instead of replacing your vinyl curtain every few months, you’ll have a permanent solution to reuse until it wears out.

  1. Create a Healthy Bathroom

As we use our bathrooms to wash and keep ourselves in optimum health, you need items in your bathroom to support this process. A hemp shower curtain is a great way to improve your bathroom hygiene, as it’s odour resistant. In the same way as bamboo, hemp and flax stay fresh and won’t begin to smell after use. As they are resistant to bacteria, there are fewer risks associated with this type of shower curtain. On top of that, you’ll still stop water from leaking onto the floor, as hemp and flax curtains will stop the splashing that often occurs when a curtain isn’t in place. They’ll quickly dry after use, so you won’t have to worry about your bathroom becoming smelly or damp.

  1. Allergen-Free

For anyone with family members with allergies, finding bathroom products and accessories which don’t aggravate these can be a challenge. Hemp shower curtains are allergen-free, so anyone can use them without risk. You won’t have to worry about an unpleasant rash or reaction occurring after your shower, thanks to this safe and non-toxic addition to your home.

As you can see, there are many benefits of adding a hemp shower curtain to your home this year. You’ll find that this is an easy switch to make and will benefit both your health and your environmental footprint. We recommend washing your new hemp shower curtain every few weeks for the best results so that you see all of the benefits we shared above.

Check out our hemp shower curtain here today for more information and to upgrade your bathroom décor this year. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you have about our hemp shower curtains and the benefits they offer over your standard vinyl shower curtains.

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