What the Pandemic Is Telling Us About the Need for Safe,  Healthy and Eco-Sustainable Homes?

What the Pandemic Is Telling Us About the Need for Safe, Healthy and Eco-Sustainable Homes?

Eco-sustainable homes and green living are getting more hype nowadays. Indeed, there are great advances in this industry. Better air quality is one of them. The air quality circulating in homes built under eco sustainable criteria is showing very few toxins, if any. This make for a healthier living environment. In time of virus pandemic like this year, this is a good start. If we take care of what else we bring home and adopt green living attitude as much as possible, we are creating for ourselves a safe and healthy home.
Besides being good for our health, green living does reduce harmful environmental activities globally. So far this year, the strong decrease in economic activities related to the pandemic has resulted in impressive decrease of the greenhouse gas. Cities are experiencing a significant drop in air and water pollution. Skies are blue again and more varieties of birds visit our cities.


Made of Natural Material

Eco-sustainable homes are made of natural materials like clay, wood, and straws. Eco building avoid as much as possible the use of any toxic materials like paints and various types of cement, etc. In terms of energy, eco homes builders integrate as much natural resources as possible. Solar energy, wind turbines, passive heat circulation, water from rain are a few of them. Living in these eco-friendly homes improve our health and boost our immunity.


Health Protection

We now know that many materials that were once considered a marvel in the home construction world were indeed hazardous for human life. Asbestos, lead, PCB are on this list, among many others. Some are carcinogenic agents, other are harmful toxins, some have an impact on our immune system. One of the positive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it is forcing us to find safer and smarter ways of building homes and offices.


Step by Step, towards greener healthier homes

It is possible to integrate few aspects of eco home building while renovating a “regular home”. For example, you can start by your bathroom and convert it into an eco-friendly bathroom. You can start by renovation all your bathroom cabinets using eco wood quality. Then, you may get rid of the toilet and replace it by a bidet. Yep, not only bidets are more sanitary than toilet paper, they are also less stressful on the environment than using paper. You could also choose a more water-efficient shower. One more step would be to choose healthier bath products. Fox example, instead of toxic plastic shower curtains, you could use washable natural hemp or flax linen fabric shower curtain. Organic cotton, bamboo, linen or hemp bath towels and washcloths would also help make your bathroom experience healthier. Finally, there are many options for beautiful soaps and body & bath products made from natural ingredients available on the market. It makes it fun and inexpensive to explore and implement in your bathing routine few little changes that will have a big impact on your health and the planet.

Keep it clean!

Finally, you will have to care and keep your bathroom clean too. Same as for the soaps, you will find many efficient products to clean your bathroom with natural non-toxic products on the market. Go ahead and explore! Not only will you keep it clean naturally and improve your health but you will also save money. Indeed, we don’t need 1001 kind of detergents to clean our home. A handful of products will do it, and naturally (we’ll talk more about that in a future post!) !

The Wrap Up

 This corona pandemic is the call for more green living and eco suitable home and offices. This pandemic also revealed that our modern homes and working environment are not prepared to face reality and cannot handle life in time of pandemic. Poor indoor environments with little ventilation can contribute too many health issues and low immunity. There is a sheer need to increase awareness among the masses regarding eco-sustainable homes, their need, and importance in the current scenario.
Sustainable homes and green living renovations can bring plenty of benefits that go well beyond cost and time savings. It can bring revolutionary changes in our environment.  What should we do next? We need to keep this green living “trend” going on. Keep talking, learning, making changes and improve our well-being together, for better today and best tomorrow.
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