Benefits of Bamboo for Your Duvet Insert

Benefits of Bamboo for Duvet Inserts

  • EXCELLENT BREATHABILITY: Say Goodbye to Sweaty Nights. Bamboo being a natural moisture-wicking fabric, it provides a better cooling effect. Sleep more comfortably during hot nights.
  • SAFE HEALTHY SUSTAINABLE: Unlike synthetic duvet fillings that will likely end up in landfills after useful life, bamboo cellulose is biodegradable. It is also toxin-free and unlikely to trigger allergies.
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY: Sleep better knowing that no animal was harmed during the manufacture of your duvet comforter.
  • NO SLIPPERY: The outer material of this duvet comforter is made from organic cotton. It stays in place without slipping away. It also has loops in the corners to fix the comforter within your duvet cover. And the quilting patterns keep the filling in place and evenly distribute warmth