The Benefits of Essentials Oils for Quality Sleep

The Benefits of Essentials Oils for Quality Sleep

When it comes to getting the best quality sleep possible, the reality is that many of us struggle on a day-to-day basis. Try as hard as we may, but most of us are just not capable of getting good, quality sleep. Normal life occurrences such as anxiety, depression, family obligations, a stressful job, fights and disagreements, traffic, deadlines, bodily injuries, pain, worry, and much, much more can impact not only the amount of sleep we get, but the quality of that sleep. And, unfortunately, for many of us, deep sleep is something that is truly hard to come by. It might take us 30 minutes, 40 minutes, even an hour to fall asleep every night, tossing and turning every step of the way. And, to be fair, that is just not something that is enjoyable or healthy at all.

Lack of Sleep Leads to Health Problems

It has been proven time and time again that the lack of sleep, especially high quality, deep sleep can lead to a multitude of problems as reported online by the Cleveland Clinic. These problems can include intense mood fluctuations, weight management problems, an increase in health problems as well as sicknesses, skin issues, digestion problems, concentration struggles, communication challenges, problems with focus, and more. And, as many of us already know, sleep is vitally important to our lives, and getting good, quality sleep is one of the best things that we can do to not only improve our health and vitality, but also elevate our mood and overall outlook on life in a multitude of different ways.

While good quality sleep brings life to our whole being

In reality, getting good, quality sleep also has a direct impact not only on the way we feel, but also on the way we look. According to Alaska Sleep, the thickness and amount of hair loss we experience, as well as the luminosity of our skin, the amount of weight we hold onto, and the intensity in our eyes are all influenced by how much sleep we get, and even more so, by the quality and deepness of that sleep.

Thankfully, even with all the sleep struggles that we might face on a day to day basis, there are a few tried and true ways of improving our chances of getting the highest quality sleep possible. Some of these include sleeping in a temperature-controlled room. Making sure that room is dark and completely silent. Sleeping on clean and comfortable sheets and linens. Sleeping on a comfortable mattress. Not eating or using electronic devices immediately before bed. And also, limiting our caffeine intake to before 3pm. But even more so, the best way to truly improve the amount and quality of sleep that we get is to incorporate the right essential oils into our nightly bedtime repertoire.

The Magic of Essential Oils

The reality is that natural essential oils have a longstanding history for helping people with a wide range of health ailments, and the main ailment they help with is sleep hygiene! It is known worldwide that essential oils are a great way for people to positivity impact not only the amount of sleep they get, but the quality of that sleep. Quality essential oils have been proven to help the body relax and de-stress in a natural and organic way. According to the NCBI, lavender has been proven to calm the nervous system, which leads to better sleep. It’s truly amazing what essential oils can do for the body, soul, and mind, and they are a gift given to us by nature. They have the power of turning us into deep sleeping machines in order to help us not only fall asleep in no time, but stay asleep all night long.

The main reason why essential oils work so great at helping the body fall and stay asleep is in the incorporation of the senses that they encapsulate. Their pleasant scents actually put our bodies into a relaxation state that is completely natural, and really lulls us to enter a mode that is perfectly conducive to deep and relaxing sleep. All one would need to do to incorporate essential oils into their own sleep routine is put a few drops of a high quality essential oil into a diffuser and the scent would create the perfect environment for deep, quality sleep. They can also be used in a spray bottle and sprayed into the air to create a peaceful, serene space that not only smells incredible but also serves as a wonderful relaxation tool.

Essential oils for better sleep are also available in rollers. They can be rolled directly onto the skin, usually the bottoms of the feet or inside the wrist a few hours before bedtime. And, right after application, the magic really starts to unfold. Just the smell of these essential oils alone can lull the body into a deep relaxation state, and actually create a calming effect leading to deep, high-quality sleep, which is astounding to say the least. One of the best parts about these oils is that anyone can use them, anytime, anywhere, and they can easily be placed in a purse or bag making them very easy to travel with. Essential oils rollers are truly the perfect natural remedy for not being able to fall asleep easily or stay asleep at night.

The reality is that at the end of the day, sleep is vitally important for the health of our bodies and for our overall appearance as well. Essential oils are a natural and pleasant way to obtain the deepest, highest-quality sleep possible. Don’t waste any more nights trying and failing at falling and staying asleep. Just roll on an essential oil and watch your nights turn into deep sleep marathons where you wake up feeling refreshed and positive, ready to take on whatever the new day may bring!  

New Essential Oils Cocktails available at Shoo-Foo

As you know, here at SHOO-FOO we are convinced that good quality sleep is critical to our health, wellness and happiness. We are aware that some of us are having difficulties falling asleep. With that in mind, we recently collaborate with an expert in sleep and essential oils to create what we call Better Sleep Cocktails. If you are among the people who suffer from some kinds of sleep problem, you may try adding essential oils into your sleep routine to see how it is working for you. We are hoping that these will help you get the deep sleep that so many of us crave.


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