woman blowing at snowflakes to escape the winter blues.

Ah! the Winter Blues!

How can one find solace in the depths of winter? The lack of light assails us all, in different ways, but all of us. However, with a little genius, we can survive and even enjoy this hibernation season. The darkness, the shadows, the cold have their beauty to discover. In this blog, we explore tips that will allow us to embrace the winter blues and transform them into a symphony of pleasure and serenity.

Bring the light in!

One of the main reasons we suffer from the winter blues is a lack of sunlight. So, one simple step to improve our mood is to add a little light into our lives! Open the curtains and let in as much natural light as possible. If you work and spend a lot of time at home, natural light might not be enough.In this case, you can invest in a light therapy lamp. It’s proven that these SAD light therapy lamps mimic natural sunlight and help improve our mood and energy levels.

Stay Active!

If moving is good for our physical health, it is also a great way to regain our good mood. You probably heard it before, being active physically helps our body releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones. Make it fun! Put on your favorite playlist and dance like no one is watching (actually, no one is watching you!). Or go play outside, try a new winter sport like skating. The key is to keep your body moving and your mind engaged.

dancing at home

Immerse yourself in the poetry of nature!

winter poetry

During the day, when the sun is shining, go for a walk in a park near you. Inhale deeply, let yourself be infused with the subtle scents of winter. Take the time to observe the delicate frost on the branches of the trees, the footprints of birds on the snow, the cross reflections of the sun. In a word, the poetry of winter. Compare to the frenetic energy of summer, the quiet beauty of winter is inspiring and calming when you take time to contemplate it.

Create a sanctuary of warmth and comfort at home.

When it's dark outside, transform your home into a haven of peace, where every moment becomes an invitation to comfort and relaxation. Curl up in bed, surround yourself with favorite candles, comfy cushions, play your favourite music. Then, get lost in the pages of a captivating novel that will guide your mind into virtual worlds, or watch feel-good movies with no guilt, that's the no-guilt procrastination season after all!

cocooning in bed with bamboo sheets helps keep away the winter blues


If you prefer water, dive in a warm and relaxing bath, scented with lavender or other scents of your choice while listening to your favorite music. Or if you feel the need to move, unleash your creativity whether in music, painting, writing, dancing or in cooking and baking. The idea is to let winter twilight soak you up with the sweetness of cocooning, gently and peacefully.

Nourish your body and soul with winter delights.

chocolate cake


Indulge in the culinary delights that rhymes with winter. Enjoy a steaming cup of spiced tea, infused with the flavors of cinnamon and cloves. Delight in the richness of a hearty stew, slowly simmered to perfection. And let's not forget the decadence of a gooey chocolate dessert, melting on the tongue like a moment of pure bliss. These winter treats will not only nourish your body but also your soul.


In short

Don’t let the winter blues dampen our spirit. Instead, stage winter as the backdrop against which we create our own wonderland.

Use these few magical ingredients, mix them to your liking and keep the winter blues away:

  • Bring natural light or SAD therapy light to your home
  • Keep moving: Dance, ski, skate, walk, cook…
  • Go outside every day, even only for few minutes!
  • Be creative and practice cocooning at home.
  • Indulge in your favorite comfort food.


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