Upcycled DIY Holiday Decorations

Upcycled DIY Holiday Decorations

Looking for sustainable holiday decorations? You can make some yourself! Instead of going out and buying something that will only be thrown out in a month, why not dig around the house to see what you can reuse and upcycle? We’ve collected some classic and rustic-looking DIY holiday decoxrations that you can make using items you’ve already got lying around the house.

Scrabble Ornaments

DIY Holiday decoration - Shoo-Foo

Create something new and personalized out of that old scrabble set. String the tiles with beads and jewelry wire to create ornaments you can hang from the tree or mantle. Compose messages of peace and love, or create an ornament for each member of the family!

Joy and Love Pillows

Pillows - DIY Holiday Decorations - Shoo-Foo

These pillows will add a rustic charm to any living room. Made from burlap fabric and DIY stamps, you can keep these pillows out all year. Stick with Joy and Love or get creative with your own phrases!

Scarf Wreath

Scarf Wreath - DIY Holiday Decorations - Shoo-Foo

This 10-minute craft is a quick way to get your house in the holiday spirit. Tie a festive scarf around a wire frame and hang. Since there is no glue involved, you can reuse the scarf or replace it with a different one every few days.

DIY Peppermint Mason Jar Candles

Holiday Candles - DIY Holiday Decorations - Shoo-Foo

Melt soy candle chips and some peppermint oil into a mason jar for a holiday scented candle. Wrap the mason jar with ribbon or string and add a sprig of holly for colour!

Upcycled Quilt Stockings

Stockings - DIY Holiday Decorations - Shoo-Foo

Transform that old quilt into a new family tradition with these upcycled quilt stockings. Cut out stocking shapes and use a sewing machine to join the edges or hand stitch them with yarn for a craftsy look.

Hope these ideas inspire you to reuse what you have lying around the house to create something beautiful and festive. For even more DIY holiday decoration ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

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